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Get the latest in libre from the FSF Bulletin

by Georgia Young Contributions Published on Jun 15, 2018 03:35 PM

The biannual Free Software Foundation (FSF) Bulletin is now available online. We hope you find it enlightening and entertaining!

Your activism drives the free software movement. Together, we have been proactively building a future where computer users are in control, while also reacting to immediate threats to our digital freedoms. Our associate membership program provides crucial, ongoing support that ensures the FSF's financial stability, making our work possible. Will you take the next step and join us as an associate member or make a one-time donation today?

Free software activists count on the FSF to play a role no other organization can: we refuse to compromise our values, we directly support free software development via the GNU Project, and we defend copyleft in the form of the GNU General Public License (GPL). We, in turn, count on you to provide the energy and resources that drive us.

So far this year, your financial support:

  • amplified the voice of free software in public conversations about net neutrality, Facebook privacy abuses, and high profile security compromises;

  • fought Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) by storming the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act exemptions process to not only support every exemption but be the sole organization arguing for abolition of the whole charade;

  • made major improvements to the infrastructure powering hundreds of GNU and other free software projects;

  • funded important technical work to help free JavaScript on the Web;

  • enabled certification of two more products according to the standards of our Respects Your Freedom program, put dozens more in the pipeline, and advanced a plan to scale the program to its full potential; and

  • helped policymakers and companies embrace the GPL -- the state of California and the US Department of Defense have both made strong moves in this area, and we expect more to follow suit.

Our Associate Member program launched in 2002, as a way to provide long-term stability for the FSF's work, and to recognize and thank those who choose to give consistently. Today there are over 4600 Associate Members residing in 82 countries, with dues comprising nearly half of the FSF's funding. This funding allows us to stay independent, serving the free software community, not corporations or governments. Thank you for your continued support.

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