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Free Software Supporter

by josh Contributions Published on Mar 06, 2008 06:00 PM

Today marks the release of our first issue of the Free Software Supporter, a subscription based monthly newsletter that highlights the work of the foundation and features GNU project news. You can sign-up to our low-traffic mailing list to receive it each month.

I am excited about this project.

Every day I receive at least one email from a person who wishes to provide feedback on an FSF campaign, or to share with us their own experiences and work. Some of these are merely the innocuous one liner stating "Vista Sucks!!11". But many more are suggested improvements to our sites, new campaign actions we should take, links to articles, and the like. Last week: an email from an ambitious high-school student, whom in addition to trying to get his district to adopt Moodle, had also written a "free software activism guide," that he wished to share with us.

These letters, of all kind, beyond being motivational and helpful, literally build and strengthen our community. They not only shape and improve our campaigns, but they spur the collaborations that are defining the future of the free software movement.

I hope that you enjoy the Supporter. I am looking forward to reflecting each month upon the work of the FSF, the GNU project, and the global free software community. I only hope that the number of highlights I add each month will continue to grow as quickly as the community is growing. In either case, we hope to keep it short and we hope to keep you informed.

Thanks, again.

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