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Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux hits version 3!

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Sep 14, 2011 12:53 PM
Dyne:bolic is one of the ever increasing list of GNU/Linux distributions we recommend because of their strong commitment to user freedom. After five years of development, a new release is available.

Dyne:bolic is a user-friendly distribution for multimedia production and artists. Utilizing the GNOME 2 desktop, Dyne:bolic is based on the same packages as Trisquel, so lots of software is available.

  • Dyne:bolic makes a perfect distribution for VJs and DJs!
  • Programmers will love Dyne:bolic!
  • But Dyne:bolic is used by non-technical users every day!
  • Dyne:bolic is attractive, so everyone will look at your laptop!
  • Install Dyne:bolic on your computer and get work done!
  • Build a special edition of Dyne:bolic and give it to your friends!

And now, Dyne:bolic is the perfect live CD for installfests and LAN parties!

Take copies of Dyne:bolic to your local Software Freedom Day event, and promote distributions which contain only 100% free software.

Dyne:bolic includes code from thousands of programmers all around the world: a lively community of artists, teachers and developers writing, using, distributing and adapting software according to diverse and desires.

For instance: if you are a digital artist, by using free software you can be sure that your creations can be preserved in time, without being held hostage of proprietary technologies needed to reproduce them.

Finally, with some time and your good support, there are plans to implement features from Dyne:bolic versions 1 and 2 into version 3, including optimization for old hardware, docking, nesting, good introductory documentation, the modules mechanism and more possibilities to customize and to cluster machines on the same network in various ways. But the project is also looking at the longer term: rather than implementing these unique live features just for the Dyne:bolic system, there are plans to share them in such a way that other distributions can benefit from them as well.

While this is the start of work on Dyne:bolic 3, work is needed to help test and improve the software. For tried and tested Dyne:bolic, version 2 remains available.

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