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Happy Document Freedom Day!

by josh Contributions Published on Mar 30, 2011 05:01 PM
Celebrate the 4th annual Document Freedom Day by promoting OpenDocument and helping others to begin using free software and free document formats.

Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global day for document liberation that is celebrated on the last Wednesday of every March since 2008, and which is organized and funded by the Free Software Foundation Europe.

If you'd like to join us and others around in the world in celebrating DFD we have a few suggestions for you:

Promote the OpenDocument format (ODF)
Learn about OpenDocument format (ODF) and why we must reject proprietary formats.
Display a Document Freedom Day banner
Consider putting a banner (or other artwork) on your blog or website for a few days.
Reject email attachments in proprietary formats!
If somebody emails you a proprietary formatted document (such as files created by Microsoft Office or Apple iWork), politely reject these files and request that the person send you a file in a free document format.
Install LibreOffice or and free software extensions
If you have already installed LibreOffice or on your own computer, consider helping a family, friend, or co-worker to install it on their own computer. Then, once you have done that, check out the LibrePlanet group that is maintaining a list of Free Extensions for & LibreOffice!
ODF 1.2 is a major milestone
Lastly, congratulations are in order to the Open Document Format Technical Committee for their achievement of having ODF Version 1.2 accepted as an OASIS standard on March 17th of this year. The latest version of ODF is a major milestone which not only incorporates suggested improvements from the public, but also adds important features such as spreadsheet formula specification (based on OpenFormula), RDF-based metadata, and several accessibility-related improvements.
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