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Chile citizens: Support these constitutional proposals for free software and user privacy by Feb 1

by Greg Farough Contributions Published on Jan 27, 2022 04:07 PM
Contributors: Felix Freeman

Chile is in the midst of governmental changes, and with these changes comes the opportunity for the people of Chile to make their voices heard for long-term benefits to their digital rights and freedoms. Chilean activists have submitted three constitutional proposals relating to free software and user freedom, but they need signatures in order to have these proposals submitted to the constitutional debate.

We encourage free software community members in Chile to have a look at these proposals, and sign those that uphold digital freedom and autonomy. The deadline for collecting signatures is February 1st.

Some further explanation and other information gathered by one of our community members, Felix Freeman, is included below. The English version of Felix's message is provided below.

(Felix' Spanish version is available HERE)

Chile is living a historic moment. For the first time, it is drafting a constitution with constituents elected democratically, on a participatory basis, and with the participation of native peoples. 154 people are in charge of drafting the new fundamental charter of the country, and they have arranged a mechanism of popular participation based on the collection of support: 15,000 signatures are required to submit citizen proposals to the constitutional debate directly.

The opportunity to achieve substantive and long-term change for digital rights and freedom of software and other intellectual works is unique in Chile's history, and may not be repeated in our lifetime. This is why four communities historically related to the use and dissemination of free software in Chile got together to draft three of these proposals, which are:

These constitutional proposals explain principles of the nation, the rights of citizens, and the duties of the state concerning them. The inclusion of the constitutional articles will allow and promote the creation of laws that defend our freedoms and rights effectively. They are not the end of the road for intellectual freedoms and digital rights, but only the beginning.

You can see and support our proposals by accessing You will also find advocacy materials, and even free software you can use to follow up on the proposals. You can follow our and other initiatives progress on

Don't miss this historic opportunity. If you are Chilean, you can support the initiatives number 46114, 46138, and 43014 in the platform with your "clave Ășnica" or "ID card serial number." People of any nationality can support us by spreading the word all over the Internet.

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