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Fall 2009 FSF Bulletin now online

by root Contributions Published on Dec 18, 2009 06:06 PM
The latest FSF Bulletin for Fall 2009 is now online . For this semester's update in free software and free software activism, check it out.
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This edition of the Bulletin features a fantastic piece from FSF board member Mako Hill on software freedom for phones, The computer in my pocket. This is an opening salvo in a campaign for phone freedom that we expect to be a significant part of FSF's work in 2010.

It also features a great article on free software in education, Software for education, not babysitting, by FSF operations manager John Sullivan, who will be making education a focus of his FSF advocacy work after his upcoming move to a life of better coffee and telecommuting in Seattle, WA (we'll miss his cheerful presence).

Finally, there's an update from Ciaran O'Riordan on the possibility for a massive win in FSF's End Software Patents campaign: "The Bilski case is the first review of patentable subject matter since 1981. This decision could make the rules for decades to come and the justices' comments at the November 9th hearing indicate that they do see problems with the patenting of software. This hands us our biggest opportunity, and a heavy responsibility. Read more.

You can support more work like this in 2010 (and receive a nicely printed copy of each bulletin by mail) by becoming an FSF member. Your contribution to the FSF, as always, is tax deductible in the US.

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