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Bring the planet to LibrePlanet by sponsoring an attendee

by Zoe Kooyman Contributions Published on Jan 08, 2020 04:08 PM

LibrePlanet 2020: Free the Future is only ten weeks away! On March 14 and 15, we will welcome free software enthusiasts and experts to Boston for the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) annual conference on technology and social justice.

We're hard at work creating an event with engaging talks with speakers from all over the world, and without spoiling any future announcements, we're very excited about the program we have so far. It is promising to be a year filled with talks about interesting and successful projects. Anticipated talks will expose the fascinating parallels between social movements in free software, dig into community-related subjects, and as always, explore the latest issues in licensing, security, education, and government adoption of free software with experts from these fields.

The FSF is proud of the fact that the LibrePlanet audience and speakers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, countries, and cultures. We believe that anyone who wants to attend or speak at the conference should not be held back by financial burdens, so if you have a few dollars to spare, why not make a donation in support of the LibrePlanet Scholarship Fund? You'll be supporting a robust, diverse free software community by helping to reduce the financial barrier for those who need the help.

Those who are awarded travel scholarships bring unique ideas to the conference, and commit to sharing what they learn at LibrePlanet with their local community.

We look forward to sharing this year's LibrePlanet conference program soon, and welcoming members of the free software community from all corners of the world. Registration for the event is open. If you're not already a member of the FSF, we have multiple good reasons for you to join today:

  • FSF associate members can attend LibrePlanet free of charge! (We nevertheless ask you to register so we'll know how many people to expect.)

  • As part of our current fundraising drive, we're offering exclusive membership gifts to all new members through January 17th!

  • FSF associate members get a 5% discount at Technoethical until January 17th.

Volunteers also attend gratis, and get an exclusive LibrePlanet 2020 T-shirt.

On top of all the free software work we fund and do year-round, with your financial support, we can invite speakers who can enlighten us with their knowledge and experience. Your donations will also help free software enthusiasts attend who otherwise would not have the means to do so. Your contribution, even if it's only a couple dollars, can be the difference between someone attending or not.

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