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Boost the FSF's advocacy for free software in education: Help us reach our stretch goal

by Miriam Bastian Contributions Published on Jan 02, 2024 11:03 AM
We're thankful for the support we've received so far. Program manager Miriam Bastian shares some of the FSF's recent efforts in education, the theme of our current fundraiser, and announces a new stretch goal.
Boost the FSF's advocacy for free software in education: Help us reach our stretch goal


It's heartening. Since the start of our fundraiser, free software supporters like you have raised $339,156 to fuel free software education. During this time, more than 120 new associate members have joined the FSF community! We love reading your reasons for joining. It's inspiring to see people becoming FSF associate members because they "believe strongly in free software" and in "a free future"; that they want to "promote the spread of free software"; and "want to support the ideas [they] believe in."

Your support drives us and helps us achieve our best work. May we challenge you once more? Can you help us surpass the initial goal and achieve $425,000 to boost free software education?

FSF staff Miriam Bastian and Devin Ulibarri standing on stage speaking to an auditorium full of students. This year, the FSF participated in many education initiatives, such as visiting Everett High School and speaking about free software.

Over the last few weeks, we have reported on some aspects of the FSF's work, which is powered by your generous support, especially the work we do in free software education. We recounted how the campaigns team visited cybersecurity and robotics students at Everett High School in Massachusetts to talk about free software. Our new licensing and compliance manager Kris Siewicz recapped the work the Licensing & Compliance Lab is doing. Campaigns manager Greg Farough reported on the International Day against DRM (IDAD), and our joint fight for the freedom to learn. And senior sysadmin Ian Kelling pointed out how the tech team is making its documentation available to you so that you can weigh in with your experience and learn from it. Furthermore, you can read our fall bulletin for updates on JShelter, how to properly license your program, how the FSF stands firm in its resolve for freedom, and why we believe free software is an investment in human potential.

Free software in education and free software education are both vital for a free society. For this reason, the FSF has been tirelessly educating the public on free software for almost forty years now. Thank you for being a part of it! With you on our side, we are confident that we have a free future ahead.

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