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Introducing Andrew, FSF campaigns intern

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Oct 03, 2011 06:11 PM
Hello. I'm Andrew, and this Fall I'm interning with the FSF's campaigns team.

I was first introduced to the concept of free software by my high school friend, who also taught me how to write BASIC programs on my graphing calculator. I first tried a GNU/Linux distro in college, but it wasn't until more recently, when I realized that the ability to control my computing is both fun and rewarding, that I made the full switch to running a free operating system. I've been running GNU/Linux ever since, and currently run my favorite distro, Trisquel. I've also been teaching myself the basics of programming in C, but haven't yet chosen a project to work on in order to sharpen my skills.

This fall, I'll be working with the budding community surrounding the newly re-launched Free Software Directory. I hope to assist the team in submitting and cross-checking details for thousands of fully-free software programs. I've developed some exciting concepts for new features in the Directory, and have started to get my hands dirty by learning Semantic MediaWiki's markup language and macros. I hope that others in the community will join me in the effort to roll out the new ideas we've been planning.

In addition to the Directory, I will also help spread knowledge about free software and its ideals through the FSF Community Team mailing list. I've been sharing links to news stories there, as well as the posts and comments I've made to various news sites and blogs. Once we've tweaked the involvement process for the list, there will be an organized way for you to help us reach out to audiences that don't yet know about free software or how it protects their freedoms.

So stay tuned for updates on both of these projects. If you want to contact me, you can write to In the meantime: happy hacking!

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