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by peterb Contributions Published on Apr 27, 2008 08:07 PM
Action Alert: Corporate lobbyists are attempting to impose a stricter copyright regime in Canada and to silence opposition views.
Canadian citizens in Ottawa please attend the Public Policy Forum symposium, tomorrow, Monday April 28. The event is being hosted at Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario.

Register and attend the symposium.

Cory Doctorow writes, "The lobby for US-style copyrights in Canada has gone into overdrive, recruiting a powerful Member of Parliament and turning public forums on copyright into one-sided love-fests for restrictive copyright regimes that criminalize everyday Canadians."

Read Cory Doctorow's blog on BoingBoing. If you can attend the symposium I suggest handing out printed copies of Corry's blog to all those in attendance.

Read Howard Knopf blog on ExcessCopyright about how he was excluded from the symposium.

Canada's Public Policy Forum promotes itself as a non-profit dedicated to promoting, "constructive dialogue in support of excellence in the public service, democratic institutions and public policy. The PPF encourages civic mindedness, innovative public policy options, and constructive outcomes that impact on decision-making." Unfortunately, PPF president Jodi White seems to be taking sides in the debate and has moved to exclude the major opposition voice from this event.

Canadian Citizens who cannot attend the symposium can email or telephone Jodi White, President, Public Policy Forum and object to this exclusion (be firm but polite):
Phone 613-238-7858 ext. 226

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