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September 2023 cards (Trisquel 11.0)

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Sep 21, 2023 05:12 PM

Instructions for finding and using the source code for the FSF USB membership card, with Trisquel 11.0, newly revised in September 2023:

  • The USB member card ships with Trisquel sources pre-installed. When booting from the card, take a look under /cdrom/source.
  • The card creation scripts, and Trisquel 11 source code are available for download. The creation scripts build the bootable device, and install additional audio and video files for offline use.
  • A USB card that does not boot likely was improperly unplugged (whether physically or from power loss) before being unmounted, resulting in what is called a dirty bit. If this happens, you can repair the volume by running a variation of the command fsck -a /dev/sdb1 where /dev/sdb is the USB device and following the prompts. If you've set up persistence, run fsck -a /mnt/writable when the first partition is mounted under /mnt.

Happy Hacking!

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