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Join the FSF: Free Software in Action

by Zoe Kooyman Contributions Published on Jul 11, 2020 11:10 PM
It's important to remember that free software is a prerequisite for a modern free society, even during these trying times. If you've been spared the worst of this crisis, now is the time to step up and help the FSF make sure user freedom survives the pandemic response.
Be one of the 200 new people we need to take a stand by joining the FSF as an associate member before August 7.

Speak up for freedom with #UserFreedom

In a very real sense, it's the support of committed individuals like you that keeps our mission moving forward. Each person that raises their voice for freedom helps us achieve the goal we share: A world where users can live and work digitally while using entirely free software. Speak up for freedom by using the hashtag #UserFreedom on social media networks, and pledge your support for the free software movement today.

Your support helps put free software in action

Why do you support the FSF?

  • "GNU software has been responsible for giving me fun hobbies, careers, and general awareness of freedom. Now that I'm at a good place economically I want to return the favour and help provide future youths with those same outlets." — Kevin Mogged
  • "The world needs the FSF! I should have signed up years ago." — Mike Gioia
  • "During this pandemic, there is an urgent need to support free software. An additional motivation to join is the offer of free videoconferencing tool and welcome gift of free OS." — Delfina Sundar

Share yours with the hashtag #UserFreedom, or email us at

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