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We urgently need your financial support!

by Miriam Bastian Contributions Published on Jun 07, 2024 11:15 AM
We urgently need your financial support!

Make your dreams come true with free software

Become an associate member today for $12/month ($6 for students) and show the world that you cherish software freedom.

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The Free Software Foundation (FSF) firmly believes every computer user deserves freedom and tirelessly demonstrates how to do almost everything with free software. For years to come, the FSF has an important role to play for computer users globally, and we still have a lot of work to do. In order to do so, we need your help! Like many organizations right now, the FSF is suffering. Operational costs have risen, like the legal fees for the work we do in compliance, as well as costs for events, and tech infrastructure. Revenue has not kept up, because people all over the world are going through the same challenges as we are.

Become an associate member today for $12/month ($6 for students) and show the world that you cherish software freedom. Make sure to join before July 19, 2024, and we will send you an FSF-branded travel mug. Or help us reach our goal of 200 new associate members by July 19 by convincing a friend to join and we will reward you with a sustainable wooden GNU head sticker.

Share the message using the hashtag #BecomeAnFSFAssociateMember on social media networks.

Your associate membership funds:

Your associate membership:

Shows your support of full computer user freedom Makes you part of a vibrant international community Comes with a 20% discount on FSF merchandise
Supports an organization that runs entirely on free software Grants you access to the FSF's Jitsi Meet server and the Member Forum Makes you eligible for email forwarding and the Digital Federal Credit Union

Receive an awesome premium

If you join or renew your membership before July 19, 2024, we will send you an FSF-branded travel mug. Enjoy your coffee, matcha latte, or chocolate -- hot or iced -- wherever you go and show by-passers that you support software freedom.

Mock-up of a red travel mug with a white FSF logo on it

Convince a friend

Already a member? Help us reach our goal of 200 new associate members by July 19, 2024, by introducing a friend to free software. We hope you find some reasons to cite why your friend should join above. Alternatively, you can gift them a membership and we will convince them what a great gift you made them on your behalf. To thank you for convincing another person to join, we will send you a fancy wooden GNU head sticker!

Mock-up of the wooden GNU head sticker

Why other people join the FSF

  • "I want this world to be free and secure by default." -- Johannes Randerath
  • "I believe free software is key to building a free society. I'm eager to learn how to get rid of all the proprietary software I use nowadays!" -- Manuel Bustillo
  • "My friend and I debated the most utilitarian use of $20 and the FSF came out on top." -- Cassidy Prather
  • "To support a cause that I believe in." -- John Williams
  • "I am absolutely tired of having my privacy violated." -- Benjamin Bennett
  • "I want to get in touch with like-minded people and promote the spread of free software to a wider audience." -- Jakub Švarc
  • "To support the GNU project and all its awesome tools." -- Spenser Pulleyking
  • "Enthusiasm for the development and use of free software." -- Léo Gillet
  • "The world does not realise enough how important your work is for the future. And 140 Euro is 0,38 Euro/ day and 2,69 Euro/week... I can't have a beer for that in Belgium." -- Yvo Brasseur
  • "I also want to give back to the people who have greatly helped enable the technology we enjoy today." -- Chris Duncan

Share your reason with the hashtag #BecomeAnFSFAssociateMember, or email us at

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