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Strengthen the free software movement -- join the FSF today!

by Zoë Kooyman Contributions Published on Nov 18, 2019 04:43 PM

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) had another successful winter fundraiser this year. Thanks to your generosity, 368 new associate members joined up and we raised nearly $400,000!

Thank you for your support for free software!

Since its inception, the free software movement has consisted of a group of passionate people standing up for what was right. Nothing has changed since then. We are still fighting the oppressive nature of proprietary software. We have made solid inroads, and the community is as passionate as ever. The FSF is proud to represent such a dedicated group of people and we work to empower everyone to be part of a free digital society, one where software respects our freedom and dignity.

No movement has ever succeeded without strength in numbers, which is why we are looking to add 600 advocates to this cause by January 17. Becoming an FSF associate member is easy. If you can spare a monthly $10 ($5 for students), your member dues amplify your voice in the fight for your user rights, and help the FSF fight to protect freedom for everyone. In appreciation, we offer associate members many benefits. If you have already been an FSF member and your membership has expired, please take this moment to renew. For this year-end fundraiser, we even have some exclusive gifts for all associate members who join us, or renew, as well as some extra motivation for those who can give a bit more than the base membership.

  • Patches: New or renewing members who sign up at the annual associate member rate of $120, get these eye-catching patches! They’ll make a stylish addition to your jacket or messenger bag, and will start some much needed conversations about why all software should be free.

  • Thermos: Heat up your commitment to the FSF by joining or renewing at the next level. Become an associate member for $200, and you can keep your favorite beverages toasty all day long in this sleek travel mug, as well as make a fashion statement with your patches. Rest assured: this 100% DRM-free mug will let you drink whatever you choose.

  • Backpack: Members who join us or renew as an associate member at the generous $350 level will be the first kid on your block to show off this super-deluxe 15" laptop rucksack with an elegant embroidered logo that will look great with your newly obtained FSF patches on it.

  • GO ALL-IN: Anyone who becomes a new, or renewed, associate member of the FSF with increased member dues from $500 and up will receive the entire premium pack of patches, thermos, and backpack, as well as an optional public ThankGNU. With your things neatly organized in a backpack covered with patches, and coffee forever to go, you will be ready to fight for freedom!

  • Any students renewing or joining at the annual rate of $60 will receive the ever-popular Super Sticker Mega Multi Pack.

Leave us an inspiring note when you become an associate members, and we will feature your reason here to help convince other people!:

  • "Large financial interests should not dominate technology."

  • "As a programmer and computer scientist, free software makes up an important aspect of what I do. And, in many ways, it seems to me that free software will be the future."

  • "FSF has been a pioneer in the effort to promote technology for people before profits."

#ISupportFreeSoftware & inspire three people to receive thank you-gifts!

It is not always easy to explain to your neighbor or friend what free software is, or why it is so important. But taking the time to explain it, and motivating the people in your community to think critically about how much control they actually have over their software is the only way to keep our community growing and counter the billions of dollars that proprietary software companies use to strip our user rights.

We would like to offer our year-end gifts to those people that are the most vocal, as well as our eternal gratitude for expanding our community. On our associate member registration page, we ask people to give a reason why they joined. If you are able to motivate three people to join us as an associate member and leave your name in that box, we will give you an exclusive FSF thermos, with five you get a backpack, and for those who go all the way and can convince ten people sign up -- you get all three of our fall fundraiser premiums. You can also send us an email about it at

To start you off, we have some useful social media images, and we will be posting new images regularly these next six weeks, each with a different theme. The themes reflect problems with proprietary software that people are generally aware of, but where they often do not have the knowledge to see that things could be different. We hope you can use them to help grab people's attention. Please use the hashtag #ISupportFreeSoftware to help motivate other people to do the same. If you translate any of our images into your own language, please send them to, and we will make them available for everyone.

Share your victories and experiences with free software online or in person with your community, and then take the time to explain to people that there are solutions, and that they don't have to endure the abuses of proprietary software in their daily lives. A good place for them to embark on their free software journey would be through supporting the FSF. You can also gift an associate membership, which would be the fast way to get three referrals and your gift.

Besides associate memberships, the FSF relies on individual donations. Any amount that fits your budget will make a real difference and can help us bring people together around free software. Have a look at "other ways to donate" to see if there is a simple action you can take to give further support to the FSF. If you prefer to donate or join in euro or pound sterling, please email for the details.

The movement's success hinges on its people -- those writing the code and documentation, making and selling hardware, organizing communities, publishing advocacy articles, and inspiring people around them. With your help we can further this cause, and together we can keep building towards a freer future.

Yours in freedom,

The Free Software Foundation
Zoë, Andrew, Craig, Dana, Dawn, Donald, Greg, Ian, Jeanne, John H., John S., Matt, Michael, and Ruben.

Your associate membership or donation to the Free Software Foundation is tax-deductible. Your employer may match your charitable contributions, and the FSF generally qualifies for these matches. Our EIN is 042888848.

If you are a US government employee, use CFC charity code 63210 to support us through the Combined Federal Campaign. You have until January 12, 2020 to pledge.

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