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Got a light? Help the FSF's guiding light shine brighter

by Georgia Young Contributions Published on Dec 01, 2015 11:21 AM

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For thirty years, the Free Software Foundation has been seen as a guiding light for the free software movement, fighting for computer user freedom worldwide -- but we can't continue this work without your support.

Your support makes us who we are. Without the generosity and passion of the free software community, we would not have been able to spend the last three decades supporting free software development and fighting for the rights of computer users. As tiny computers proliferate, from home temperature regulation to automobiles to our own bodies, the Free Software Foundation's ability to shine a light on the ethical issues inherent in proprietary software is more important than ever. When you give, you help us keep computer users informed about where proprietary software is hiding, and how free software can aid the fight for a free society.

The Free Software Foundation is seen as a guiding light for the free software community. Here's just a sampling of our work:

We've made big gains over the last 30 years -- but there's so much more to do. We know we can share free software around the world, from the halls of government to the classroom to your home, by shining a light on the dark side of proprietary software and helping important free software projects thrive. But we need your support.

Over 80 percent of our funding comes from individuals. Will you help us shine brighter by becoming a new member or making a donation by January 31st? Your generosity in the next two months will help us plan for the next few years. You can become an FSF member for just $10/month ($5/month for students). When you join, you'll get many benefits, including a USB membership card loaded with the free GNU/Linux distribution Trisquel, a digital member button, email aliases and Jabber instant messaging, gratis admission to the annual LibrePlanet conference, a 20% discount on all purchases in the FSF shop, a printed copy of the biannual FSF Bulletin, and the newest benefit: 5% off free software-friendly hardware from ThinkPenguin.

Most importantly, your support enables more people to work tirelessly protecting your freedom. We need to raise $450,000 to maintain our current capacity, and if we raise more, we can do more. Help our light shine brighter by sharing this appeal. You can light another person's candle with yours, convincing others to use free software, give to the FSF, or even become a member. We are deeply grateful for your support.

Happy hacking!

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