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Submission Guidelines for Year-End Fundraising Testimonials

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Oct 20, 2009 04:12 PM
The FSF is planning its year-end membership drive, and we're showcasing video from free software supporters. We'd like you to record a short video for us, making the case for joining the FSF. We're looking for a minimum of 20-50 seconds.

Content-wise, the most important thing is to share why you feel strongly about free software. Our campaign theme this year is "I use free software, and I support free software." If you could find a way to work that thought in, we'd appreciate it. And lastly, don't forget to identify yourself because we want people to know who you are!

GNU/Linux and free software

You've probably heard this from us before, but please use the words "free software" instead of "open source" and the words "GNU/Linux" instead of "Linux" when referring to the OS.

Sending us the video

Please see the general video guidelines.

Feel free to record the video in your native language. If your video is not in English, it would help us if you include a transcript in English.


FSF's mission: To promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all free software users.

Ongoing FSF work:

  • Curators of the GNU GPL
  • Fighting DRM with the Defective by Design campaign
  • Working to end software patents
  • Making people aware of the ethical reason for being in control of your computing

Recent FSF work:

  • Submitting amicus brief to Supreme Court in a case that could end software patents as we know them (Bilski v. Doll)
  • Fighting against the Kindle Swindle and ebook DRM
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