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Help others find their reason to support free software: Donate before July 8 and help us reach our spring goal.

by Zoë Kooyman Contributions Published on Jun 12, 2022 02:34 PM
Help others find their reason to support free software: Donate before July 8 and help us reach our spring goal.

"Find your reason to support free software"

Help others find their reason to support free software. Donate today to help us reach our spring goal of $67,000 by July 8!

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Help others find their reason to support free software!

True user freedom is relevant for anyone in today's society, because to truly have the right to collaborate, repair, and live more sustainably, we need freedom for computer users. A world with free software would have better privacy, protection from bulk surveillance, and would avoid user lock-in.

Free software is the driving force that can help bring major change to matters of global importance. With your support, we can continue helping people find their reasons and motivation to live more freely. Share the free software message using the hashtag #UserFreedom on social media networks.

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Support the free software journey

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Please consider supporting the FSF by becoming an associate member or making a donation.

If you contribute $120 or more as a donation or start an annual associate membership to help keep the fight for user freedom going, we'll send you a commemorative pin.

Find your reason to support free software

The latest FSF campaign: Freedom ladder Join FSF staff for Mastodon Hour July 8 from 16:00 EDT! Learn email self-defense with our updated guide! Move away from nonfree JavaScript with JShelter

Why do you support the FSF?

Raise free software awareness using these images!
  • "I have always believed that technology should be readily available and accesible to everyone. I am just happy to be a part of a group that believes the same!" -- Anonymous
  • "I want to fight for right to repair, as well as the right to own the software, files, and games we paid for without companies taking them away from us." -- Eve Jones
  • "I want to continue the fight against DRM until DRM no longer exists." -- Anonymous Friend
  • "I was talking to my dad why we should use free software and why this movement is so important for the world, and that motivated me enough to donate." -- Guillermo García
  • Share your reason with the hashtag #UserFreedom, or email us at

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