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Mentor Graphics - GNU Debugger Engineer

by Chrissie Himes Contributions Published on Oct 02, 2013 01:33 PM
Mentor Graphics is hiring a GNU Debugger Engineer!

Job Duties:


  • Add advanced debug features (such as support for multiple cores, for cross-triggering, for tracing, and for bare-metal debugging) to GDB and related tools.
  • Add debugger support for a hypervisor that can control multiple cores and run multiple varied operating systems, simultaneously.
  • Write debug agents to support the hypervisor.
  • Port the GNU Debugger (GDB) and related tools (including the GNU Binary Utilities) to new processors.
  • Improve the performance of GDB when debugging large or complex applications.
  • Contribute improvements to the official Free Software Foundation repository.
  • Gain public recognition as a skilled developer of GDB and related tools.


  • As part of the CodeBench Product team, work with others to develop improvements to GDB and related tools to support new architectures, to generate superior code, and to add support for new processors.
  • Also as part of the team, design and implement support for debuggers running under a hypervisor.
  • Correct defects in the GNU Debugger reported by customers and discovered through internal testing.
  • Improve build, test, and benchmark infrastructure used by the CodeBench team.
  • Learn how to effectively contribute to the FSF source-code repository by becoming comfortable with the GNU Coding Standards, learning the etiquette of the GNU community, and by volunteering to help other contributors where appropriate.

Job Qualifications:

Required Knowledge & Experience

  • Academic and/or industrial experience developing real-world debuggers (whether GDB or otherwise) and related tools.
  • Knowledge of computer science related to debuggers such as object file formats (including, in particular, the ELF and DWARF file formats), instruction decoding, simulation of prologues and epilogues, and signal/exception handling.
  • In-depth knowledge of at least one Instruction Set Architecture such as ARM, MIPS, Power or x86).

Apply here:

GNU Debugger Engineer - 1934 (santa clara)

Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Location: US - Remote - Other

Job Category: R&D/Software Engineering

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