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Respects Your Freedom hardware product certification

by Joshua Gay Contributions Published on Oct 09, 2012 03:08 PM
The "Respects Your Freedom" computer hardware product certification program encourages the creation and sale of hardware that will do as much as possible to respect your freedom and your privacy, and will ensure that you have control over your device.

The desire to own a computer or device and have full control over it, to know that you are not being spied on or tracked, to run any software you wish without asking permission, and to share with friends without worrying about Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) —these are the desires of millions of people who care about the future of technology and our society. Unfortunately, hardware manufacturers have until now relied on close cooperation with proprietary software companies that demanded control over their users. As citizens and their customers, we need to promote our desires for a new class of hardware — hardware that anyone can support because it respects your freedom.

Hardware we all want: FSF announces criteria for hardware endorsement program

Respects Your Freedom certified products


Gluglug ThinkPad X60

The Gluglug X60 laptop was awarded Respects Your Freedom certification on December 18th, 2013. For certification details, including certified source code, see

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Aleph Objects, Inc.

TAZ 3.0 3D printer

Aleph Objects, Inc. LulzBot 3D printers, including the most recent TAZ 3.0, and previous models TAZ 2.0 and 1.0, AO-101, and the AO-100 have each been awarded Respects Your Freedom certification. For certification details, including certified source code, see

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ThinkPenguin, Inc.

Two Wireless USB adapters sold by ThinkPenguin have been awarded the use of FSF's Respects Your Freedom Certification mark: the small TPE-N150USB Wireless N USB Adapter as well as the long-range TPE-N150USBL model.

For certification details, including certified source code, see

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Apply for Respects Your Freedom certification

Companies interested in getting RYF certification for a given hardware product (digital devices, computers, components for computers, and computer-controlled devices) should review our general guidelines for certification. If you have any questions or believe you have a product eligible for certification, please contact

A company whose product is certified will be eligible to:

  • display the Respects Your Freedom certification mark on the certified product's packaging, marketing, and other materials,
  • use the FSF name and the Respects Your Freedom certification program name in press releases and advertising, including quotes from FSF executives,
  • promotion through the FSF's own channels, either jointly with your own or separately.

Help us build and promote the RYF certification program

  • Support this work by donating or joining as a member.
  • Buy certified products and encourage others to do so.
  • Subscribe to the Free Software Supporter to receive announcements about new certified products.
  • Let us know about hardware products that might be a good candidate for RYF certification.
  • Contact a company that distributes hardware that already works with free software operating systems, or that runs on free software, and let them know about the FSF's RYF certification program.
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