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Richard Stallman - "A Free Digital Society" (Nanjing, China)

作者: Jeanne Rasata Published on 2014年05月02日 18時10分
Nanjing, China - Room 233, Computer Science & Technology Building, Nanjing University - [Exact time to be determined.]
日時 2014年05月22日
00時00分 から 00時00分 まで
場所 Nanjing, China
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There are many threats to freedom in the digital society. They include massive surveillance, censorship, digital handcuffs, nonfree software that controls users, and the War on Sharing. Other threats come from use of web services. Finally, we have no positive right to do anything in the Internet; every activity is precarious, and can continue only as long as companies are willing to cooperate with it.

This speech by Richard Stallman will be nontechnical, admission is gratis, and the public is encouraged to attend.



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