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John Sullivan - "Debian and the FSF Working Together to Advance Free Software" (Portland, OR)

作者: Jeanne Rasata Published on 2014年08月07日 06時29分
Portland, OR - Room 328, Smith Memorial Student Union, Portland State University
日時 2014年08月24日
17時00分 から 17時45分 まで
場所 Portland, OR
Debian and the Free Software Foundation, along with its GNU Project, share many goals and ideals. They are two of the most mature and dedicated organizations working in the free software movement.
Debian is not on the FSF's list of endorsed GNU/Linux distributions. Why is this? Should something be done about it, and if so, what?
Much attention has been focused on the question of full endorsement. But there are other opportunities for the FSF and Debian to work together, whether full endorsement becomes a reality or not. Let's review the history of this cooperation, and talk about some future possibilities.

FSF executive director (and Debian Developer) John Sullivan will give a presentation about the current state of things as the FSF sees it, and will leave plenty of time for discussion as well.


John Sullivan, Steve McIntyre, Ana Guerrero López, Brian Gupta, Clint Adams, NIIBE Yutaka, Gerald Turner, Mehdi Dogguy, Matt Zagrabelny, Paul Wise, Paul Tagliamonte, Rene Mayorga, Simon Fondrie-Teitler, Steve Langasek, Stefano Zacchiroli, Zlatan Todoric

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