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GNU Radio Conference: September 15--19, Washington, DC

por Jeanne Rasata Published on 18/04/2014 14h52
Washington, DC - District Architecture Center, 421 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004
Quando 15/09/2014 a 08h00 a
19/09/2014 a 18h00
Onde Washington, DC
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The GNU Radio Conference is a growing event that delivers valuable content on the subject of software-defined radio (SDR); 2014 is its 4th iteration. GNU Radio Conference 2014 (GRCon14) will be held September 15-19, 2014 in the Washington, DC (USA) area and is expected to draw 120-150 attendees with a wide range of backgrounds. Whether you would like to showcase your latest work with GNU Radio, learn the basics of SDR, help contribute to the growth if this successful and expanding community, or just keep up on the latest in the world of SDR, this is the right conference for you.

Please fill out our contact form, so that we can contact you about future events in and around Washington, DC.

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