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Chrissie Himes

Últimos conteúdos criados por este usuário

18/06/2015 FSF - Outreach and Communication Coordinator
14/05/2015 Free Software Foundation - Deputy Director
14/05/2015 Free Software Foundation - Web Developer
06/04/2015 Software Freedom Law Center - Systems Administrator
06/04/2015 Represent GCC with this new t-shirt from GNU Press!
26/03/2015 Directlyrics - Lead Node.js Developer
06/03/2015 Think Penguin - PC Technician
23/02/2015 Volunteer opportunities at the FSF
12/02/2015 DevOps Engineer for SecureDrop
12/02/2015 GNUnet and Taler - Free Software Hackers
19/12/2014 Software Freedom Law Center - Executive Assistant
06/11/2014 GNU Press has restocked!
06/08/2014 WordPress Engineer - First Look Media
21/07/2014 Copyright assignment at the FSF
19/06/2014 ThinkPenguin - GNU/Linux Desktop Support Tech
15/05/2014 GNU 30th anniversary items now available
15/05/2014 GNU 30th anniversary items now available
19/03/2014 GNU Press releases RUN GCC shirt!
10/12/2013 GNU Press announces gray GPLv3 hoodies; plus members enjoy up to 30% holiday discount at the shop!
14/11/2013 FSF polo shirts, plus internship opportunities
27/09/2013 Celebrate GNU's 30th birthday with this commemorative mug!
26/09/2013 Show your allegiance to GNU at the office with this GNU polo shirt!
16/09/2013 Community Organizer - Electronic Frontier Foundation
05/09/2013 World Wide Web Foundation - Global Campaigns Manager
30/08/2013 MediaGoblin shirts now available!
09/08/2013 Upcoming tax-free times at GNU Press in Massachusetts and Connecticut
11/06/2013 FSF polo shirts have arrived at the shop!
23/04/2013 GNU Press has restocked all of your favorite shirts!
27/03/2013 Celebrate LibrePlanet 2013 with this commemorative shirt!
19/02/2013 GNU Press discounts Bison Manual!
18/01/2013 GNU Press now selling GNU/Linux Inside stickers!
03/01/2013 GNU Press releases new edition of the Emacs manual!
13/12/2012 GNU Press debuts GNU beanies!
07/09/2012 Software Freedom Day in Cambridge, September 15th
31/08/2012 Show your support for GNU with our new pocketknife!
31/07/2012 Show your support for the FSF with our new knife and cybertool
30/06/2012 FSF's new operations assistant
21/06/2012 Emacs Reference mugs are back!
07/06/2012 Father's Day in many countries is June 17th!

Todo o conteúdo criado por Chrissie Himes…

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