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FSF annual meeting -- Libre Planet 2009 conference

por Matt Lee Published on 04/02/2009 11h13
The 2009 FSF annual meeting, also known as the Libre Planet 2009 conference.

LibrePlanet will cover a range of free software activism topics, with an Open Space style effort to make progress on engineering for Free Network Services and the High Priority Software Projects.  The event will be held at the Harvard Science Center, Cambridge, MA on March 21st and 22nd, 2009.

Event schedule

Lecture Hall A

Rooms 109 and 112

Floss Manuals book sprint

Redline Pub in Harvard Square

Saturday 18:00 - 21:00 -- FSF Social, at Redline pub in Harvard Square

Sunday, March 22nd

Room 113 and 112 Floss Manuals

This will be a working conference, so please bring a laptop. Participation is not limited to coders and activists; we'll also need folks who can do visual design, write and edit text, and are willing to test-drive stuff or percolate ideas. Basically, everyone!

Hotel information, directions and more can be found on the Libre Planet wiki. Please add yourself to the list of attendees if you are planning to come to the event.

Harvard Square map, courtesy of CC-BY-SA

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