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by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Aug 11, 2010 11:59 AM
Heed this Dennis Bell
Blog Entry Troff document GNU Press releases RUN GCC shirt! by Chrissie Himes — last modified Mar 19, 2014 05:41 PM
It's not tricky to rock a RUN GCC shirt.
Blog Entry Octet Stream Interview with Roman Telezhinsky of Valentina by Joshua Gay — last modified Mar 19, 2014 12:57 PM
This is the latest installment of our Licensing and Compliance Lab's series on free software developers who choose GNU licenses for their works.
Blog Entry Troff document Can you join us at LibrePlanet? by Zak Rogoff — last modified Mar 14, 2014 02:39 PM
Five more reasons to come to LibrePlanet.
Blog Entry Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup: March 14 by William Theaker — last modified Mar 12, 2014 08:10 PM
Blog Entry Get excited for LibrePlanet 2014! by Brendan Kidwell — last modified Mar 12, 2014 05:02 PM
In this post, LibrePlanet volunteer and free software activist Brendan Kidwell shares why he's excited for LibrePlanet 2014.
Blog Entry Replicant developers find and close Samsung Galaxy backdoor by Paul K — last modified Mar 12, 2014 06:43 PM
While working on Replicant, a fully free/libre version of Android, we discovered that the proprietary program running on the applications processor in charge of handling the communication protocol with the modem actually implements a backdoor that lets the modem perform remote file I/O operations on the file system.
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